Kevin McGlynn.

Kevin McGlynn, Technical Programme Manager

Kevin oversees the implementation of our image and meta data-sharing network and central data bank and catalogue of research data. This involves various workstreams of infrastructure setup and data flow initiation with our network of NHS trust partner sites, as well as meeting the needs of our industry exemplar project partners. With over a decade of contributing to academia in the UK, Kevin’s passions are a welcome addition to our dynamic team, both within NCIMI and across our broad network, and keeps us focused on positively affecting the outcomes of our projects, and ultimately our patients.  

Why NCIMI is important

The future of AI in healthcare seems like it will become less of a novelty, and more of a fixture in daily life. We’re all likely to benefit from most fields of healthcare adopting AI technology in the future. These technologies will empower GPs, radiographers, etc., to use more of their time on patient facing tasks and less of their time on admin/operations/etc. In a world of increasing demand and waning resources, empowering the healthcare industry to fine tune such focus seems imperative. 

Kevin’s hobbies

In my spare time, I’m active around Oxford with my two boys. I’m also an ice hockey player and coach with Oxford University’s ice hockey club. I also volunteer for the Green Party and have sat in multiple local council elections. I also enjoy canoeing/kayaking both in the UK and abroad. 

A song that says something about Kevin

Anything that gets me or my boys active and on the (make-shift, living room) dancefloor.