Hilal Johnson NCIMI Project Manager .

Hilal Johnson, Project Manager

Hilal started her career after she completed her master’s degree in international strategic management. She started working for the Nielsen Company as an analyst on a digital measurement product. She managed most of the near markets starting with the UK, and then Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Norway – basically most of the EMEA markets. 

Hilal feels she was lucky to be involved in the six sigma project where she travelled to India and led the product training, which was an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

Then Hilal moved to the automotive industry where she worked for the iconic British brand, Aston Martin Lagonda. She worked with the sales and marketing team and with the manufacturing side of the business, she especially enjoyed the work she did with the DB 11 productions as an analyst.

Because her background is analytical, she moved to Jazz Pharmaceuticals and worked on compliance data. And then she moved on to work for a publishing company, that published science books. doing project delivery work. 

Hilal’s market research and analytical skills helped her move into project management. Her understanding of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has helped her transition to a role at NCIMI. 

Why is NCIMI important?

Hilal believes NCIMI is important because it has a pivotal role to play in how we connect healthcare organisations and the commercial part of businesses to implement Artificial Intelligence to generate better outcomes. It’s creating an environment to showcase how important AI is, while playing an important role in delivering AI into healthcare, and highlighting the future of AI.

Hilal’s hobbies

Hilal does yoga and during the pandemic, she completed 200-hour yoga teacher training.

She also likes reading and is currently reading mindfulness and yoga-related books. She also likes watching lots of motorsport events.