Dr Sarim Ather.

Dr Sarim Ather, Clinical Evaluation Lead

Sarim is a Radiology Fellow at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He has completed a PhD in neuroimaging and has a keen interest in application of digital technologies in health care. At NCIMI, Sarim works with a multidisciplinary group including data scientists and computer vision experts to develop and validate radiology artificial intelligence algorithms in a range of disease areas from arthritis to lung cancer.

His national roles have included spending time as a Topol NHS Digital Health Fellow and an executive for the Junior Radiologist Forum at the Royal College of Radiologists. He has also served on the RCR Informatics and Quality Improvement committees.

Why is NCIMI important?

As a radiologist Sarim has first-hand experience of the role medical imaging plays in disease diagnosis, prognostication, and management. He is also acutely aware of the radiology workforce challenges faced by the NHS and the potential of computer vision algorithms to assist with image interpretation.

NCIMI provides a common platform for clinical and technical experts to collaborate and accelerate the translation of AI algorithms into clinical practice.

Sarim’s hobbies

When not juggling his work and family duties, Sarim likes playing cricket and squash. He is also an avid traveller and enjoys scuba diving.