Avianna Laws.

Avianna Laws, Trials Co-ordinator

Avianna Laws joined NCIMI from the NHS with extensive experience working in research governance. She oversees the research projects within the Oxford Radiology Research Unit and spends the other half of her week supporting NHS, healthcare providers and industry partners of NCIMI in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. 

Getting involved in the Covid-19 effort has been a career highlight for Avianna Laws, it was a welcome distraction at 42 weeks’ gestation to be able to coordinate the submission for the National Covid Chest Imaging database with NHSX & NCIMI, and working with Prof Gleeson on the xenon portfolio – a scanning technique which was shown to identify long-term damage to lungs caused by Covid-19 which was not picked up by conventional scans. 

Why is NCIMI important

Having worked for the NHS for almost a decade, Avianna experienced some of the delays and burdens on our healthcare system first-hand. Since joining the team at NCIMI, it has given her the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals who all share the same passion to be at the forefront of a new field in healthcare imaging that could alleviate some of these pressures.

Avianna is especially passionate about governing the appropriate and ethical use of patient data, and the clinical, social and economic value of NHS patient data. 

Avianna’s hobbies

Avianna can often be found hiding from my family in dens she has built with her children or belting out the latest rendition of Baby Shark. When alone, which is rare, she enjoy a spot of gardening or a large glass of gin.