The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Leeds Teaching Hospitals is one of the largest teaching hospital trusts in Europe, with access to leading clinical expertise and medical technology. They care for people from all over the country as well as the 780,000 residents of Leeds itself. The Trust has a budget of £1 billion. Their 17,000 staff ensure that every year they see and treat 1,500,000 people in their 2,000 beds or out-patient settings, comprising 100,000 day cases, 125,000 in-patients, 260,000 A&E visits and 1,050,000 out-patient appointments.

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust operate from 7 hospitals on 5 sites – all linked by the same vision, philosophy and culture to be the best for specialist and integrated care. 

Their Radiology department is one of the largest in Europe and has an established reputation for clinical innovation and expertise along with a significant teaching and research profile. The department contains one of three national radiology training academies with associated educational facilities and resources for the Leeds Bradford Radiology training scheme.

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and NCIMI 

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are proud to be an NHS Trust partner within NCIMI. 

The Leeds team is led by Professor Andy Scarsbrook a dual-certified Consultant in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and Professor of Radiology at the University of Leeds. He has been a Consultant in Leeds since 2006 and is academically active with major research interests in molecular imaging and the use of artificial intelligence in medical imaging. 

The Leeds NCIMI team also includes Dr Russell Frood, a senior Radiology trainee (post-FRCR) employed full-time as an NCIMI clinical research fellow and Atif Rabani, a Real-World Data Analyst and member of the Leeds Research Data and Informatics Team. We are also supported by other members of the Radiology & R&I departments on an Adhoc basis.

“NCIMI offers a fantastic opportunity to be part of an exciting collaboration with other leading medical centres and industry partners, allowing us to create useful and effective AI-assisted tools which will make a real-world difference for patients.”

To learn more about The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust please visit their website.

The Leeds NCIMI Team – Prof Andy Scarsbrook, Dr Russell Frood, Mr Atif Rabani