Plexalis focuses on products and technology in the area of chronic back pain and related spinal conditions. It’s a commercialisation arm of the SpineNet project that has been developing new techniques for characterising spinal MRI over the past 10 years. SpineNet has now been validated and utilized in a wide range of use-cases and has now broadened out to related areas including scoliosis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Plexalis has started two main NCIMI projects: analysis of spinal MRI for surgical candidates for chronic back pain and automated screening for spinal tumours in MRI. In the first, the aim is to develop technology to triage patients with chronic back pain into those that can benefit from surgical treatment and those that are better managed with conservative treatment. In the second, the aim is to rapidly identify patients with spinal tumours and hence reducing the number that is missed.

Plexalis and NCIMI

Plexalis has partnered with NCIMI (National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging) to investigate the role that AI can play in the management of patients with chronic back pain and other spinal conditions.

“NCIMI offers the unique possibility to evaluate the performance of SpineNet on a wide range spinal MRI datasets and to validate its performance in these important clinical areas. This is a critical step that will lead to the eventual commercialisation of SpineNet based products.” 

Timor Kadir, CEO of Plexalis