Oxford Academic Health Science Network

The Oxford Academic Health Science Network (Oxford AHSN) supports improvements in health and social care through innovation and system transformation. It is a regional partnership covering around three million people in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and parts of Surrey. This region is a leading national and international life sciences cluster with more than 640 life science businesses.

The Oxford AHSN employs around 55 staff and has an operational budget of approximately £6 million a year funded by three national commissioning teams (NHS England Innovation Research and Life Sciences, the Office for Life Sciences, NHS England Patient Safety), as well as partner contributions and grants.

The Oxford AHSN uses its knowledge, expertise and experience to develop sustainable solutions in response to population needs in collaboration with the NHS, life sciences industry and universities at local, regional and national level. In doing so we improve patient outcomes, reduce health inequalities, help save the NHS money, support the economy and empower healthcare staff. They support integrated care systems to optimise health and life expectancy by developing high value innovations and improvements, taking account of health inequalities and ensuring patients and public are included at all times.

The Oxford AHSN strategic plan aligns with that of the AHSN Network, the overarching collaboration covering all 15 AHSNs in England which enter their tenth year in 2023. The AHSN Network aims to ‘achieve a substantial increase in adoption and spread of innovations across health and care systems’. To this end AHSNs are developing a ‘pipeline’ of high impact innovations in line with regional and national priorities. For the Oxford AHSN these largely fall within four health and care priority areas – mental health, cardiovascular disease, respiratory and maternity/neonatal – all of which are aligned with the NHS Core20Plus5 drive to reduce health inequalities.

The Oxford AHSN is hosted by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Oxford Academic Health Science Network and NCIMI

Oxford Academic Health Science Network has partnered with NCIMI to support the expansion of the activity to develop and deploy our technology to assist clinicians in making personalised treatment decisions related to a patient’s future cardiac management.

To learn more about Oxford Academic Health Science Network please visit their website or email info@oxfordahsn.org for more information.