icometrix is transforming patient care through imaging AI.

icometrix is the world leader in software solutions to obtain clinically meaningful data from brain MRI and CT scans for patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Stroke, etc.

The fully automated icobrain software is FDA approved and has market approval in Europe, Japan, Canada, South America and Australia. Today, icometrix is internationally active, the icobrain software is used in 100+ hospitals and icometrix works with the largest pharmaceutical and health tech companies.

Alongside their icobrain portfolio, their expertise includes the following capabilities for clinical trials and research studies. 


  • Traumatic brain injury – Quantification of mass effects (midline shift, mass lesion volumetry, cisterns and ventricles)
  • Stroke – Quantification and prediction of core and penumbra
  • Dementia – Quantification of whole brain volume


  • Epilepsy – Quantification of focal cortical dysplasia and mesial temporal sclerosis
  • Multiple sclerosis – Quantification of atrophy and lesions in the brain and spinal cord
  • Brain tumours – Volumetric quantification of brain tumours
  • Dementia – Quantification of brain atrophy and different cortical subregions
  • Traumatic brain injury – Quantification of brain atrophy and traumatic axonal injuries
  • Brain development – Quantification of anatomical structures (cortical and subcortical)

Advanced MRI

  • Brain diffusion – Diffusion imaging reveals the brain’s micro-structure
  • Brain perfusion – Arterial spin labelling (ASL), dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC), dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE) allow quantification of the cerebral blood flow
  • Brain function – Functional MRI assesses brain activity during tasks (task-related fMRI) and rest (resting-state fMRI)
  • Brain myelination – Magnetization transfer imaging (MTR) and myelin water imaging provide insights in demyelination processes
  • Brain metabolites – MR Spectroscopy (MRS) provides a ‘virtual biopsy’ by measuring the concentrations of chemicals in the brain


  • ePRO – Disease-specific ePRO service for clinical trials including customized application in 23 languages

icometrix and NCIMI

icometrix has partnered with NCIMI to support validation of its iCOVID algorithm, recognising the experience NCIMI can bring for clinical validation and real word evidence generation. 

“This project allows us to further demonstrate that AI, and medical technology in general, can add value to clinical decisions and save costs. I strongly believe that icolung will benefit from the advice, clinical expertise, and critical evaluation from renowned academic centres, like Oxford.” 

Dr. Dirk Smeets, icovid project coordinator, and CTO at icometrix 

To learn more about icometrix please visit their website or email them for more information info@icometrix.com