Future Care Capital

Future Care Capital is dedicated to improving health and social care. 

They are focused on the building blocks of a fit for the future health and care system: data, technology, scaling, innovation and investment.

They drive innovation and improvement through leading-edge research and policy insights and by bringing together policymakers and practitioners.

They are working towards a future where our health and care system is sustainable, recognised for its excellence, and evolving to take account of a changing society.

The charity began life as the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB), established by the Ministry of Health in 1945. It has been through several mergers and name changes since then. In February 2017, Future Care Capital was established in its current form, with Her Majesty the Queen as Royal Patron. 

They shape thinking on health and care through our research, policy insights and projects, such as Care Labs

As well as connecting  policymakers and practitioners through their events and projects, such as their work with the National Consortium for Intelligent Medical Imaging 

They also  support new approaches to care through their partnerships and commercial projects, such as their e-resources for carers

They invest in innovative enterprises which address major healthcare needs through their Innovation Fund.

Future Care Capital and NCIMI 

Future Care Capital has partnered with NCIMI to develop a value framework for medical imaging, to enable the NHS to better harness the value of health data and, specifically, make use of medical imaging data to deliver patient and societal benefit.

This project explores the scope for distilling and agreeing strategic priorities between a range of players, including individual data subjects, publicly funded and accountable health and care bodies, and commercial entities.

“We welcome this opportunity to work with NCIMI and its partners and we hope that the framework we develop will contribute to ensuring that health data is better valued and stewarded for the benefit of society and, ultimately, those who receive care.”

Greg Allen, FCC’s Chief Executive

To learn more about them please visit their website or email enquiries@futurecarecapital.org.uk for more information.