SoR publishes guidance on use of AI in radiography

October 4, 2021


SoR (The Society of Radiographers) has published some guidance on the use of AI in radiography.

They warn that clinicians must be involved in the development of AI, to safeguard clinical practice and patient care.

Artificial intelligence: Guidance for clinical imaging and therapeutic radiography workforce professionals

The recommendations provided in this guidance document are focused on the different areas of radiographic practice in both clinical imaging and therapeutic services:

  • Clinical practice
  • Education
  • Research
  • Stakeholder partnership

‘Radiography has been at the forefront of the implementation of technological innovation for clinical imaging. The radiography workforce, including registered diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers, are among the most technology-enabled professions in healthcare.To understand and work to mitigate risks for patients and staff, it is essential for radiography teams to understand key terminologies and issues around the use of AI. Many AI tools have already been developed but the challenge is for them to be fully internally validated (do methods work?) and externally validated (do they work on unseen data?) to be able to implement these solutions in clinical practice.’

SoR guidance on use of AI in radiography

The report mentions NCIMI in point 26, which is about forging partnerships between AI researchers and clinical practitioners to support collaboration on areas of mutual interest.