Seven Strategies for Success – for adoption and deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnostics

Seven Strategies for Success – for adoption and deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnostics

November 24, 2021

Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence presents a huge opportunity for the NHS (and wider healthcare sector) to achieve greater clinical benefits from the resources available.

Within medical diagnostics, AI offers the opportunity to transform the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, in addition to addressing the strain on an increasingly overworked workforce.

These technologies and the potential they offer are available now. Yet the speed of adoption and deployment of new AI technologies is not necessarily keeping pace with the speed of technological advances.

If we’re to benefit from what AI has to offer, we need to support the healthcare community in adopting and implementing these new technologies. That is why we worked with The Behavioural Architects to create this guide.

We’ve been delighted to partner with NCIMI in the development of this guide, to support their ambition of driving greater adoption of AI within the healthcare system, through the application of behavioural science. We hope people find the Seven Strategies a useful aid to deepen their understanding of the behavioural barriers to adoption of AI and importantly to inspire strategies to bring about change

 Crawford Hollingworth  Founder, The Behavioural Architects

We are so excited to see the publication of this guide, which is the culmination of in-depth qualitative research with practicing clinicians as well as ongoing conversations with NCIMI and Industry partners. ‘Seven Strategies’ is designed to be used by anyone looking to encourage adoption of AI within the healthcare setting. We hope it provides a window into the clinician’s perspective and the means to accelerate engagement and adoption of AI – and ultimately improve patient care

Di Adams, Head of Health Practice, The Behavioural Architects

AI-enhanced medical diagnostics is a tremendously exciting field which promises to have a transformative effect on healthcare for both patients and providers across all specialties and settings. Engaging all the relevant stakeholders and allowing them to express their ideas and explore the practicalities and implications of AI-enhanced medicine will facilitate the development of a deeper understanding of the challenges in adoption, and is key to maximising this opportunity

Dr Alex Novak, Senior Research Fellow in Emergency Medicine at Oxford University Hospitals NHSFT

AI in healthcare has huge potential for improved patient care if used in the right setting and with adequate evidence base

Dr. Daniel H Kim, Consultant Radiologist

The involvement of local clinicians in the development of AI tools for healthcare will ensure that the NHS in Cornwall takes full advantage of this exciting new technology

Giles Maskell, Consultant Radiologist