RAIQC joins the National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging

January 5, 2022


RAIQC has joined a UK-wide network that’s working to transform diagnosis and treatment of patients through artificial intelligence in clinical imaging.

The National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging (NCIMI) is based at University of Oxford and brings together world-leading clinicians, NHS Hospitals, industry experts in clinical imaging and artificial intelligence, charities and patient groups.

NCIMI’s goal is to build a pipeline for innovation to allow new medical imaging AI tools to be developed, tested, validated and adopted into the NHS.

RAIQC has joined the network to support AI validation studies where NCIMI will provide anonymised data with ground truth, whilst RAIQC will handle image annotation and the collection of user and case data. This will then be securely transferred to NCIMI for further evaluation and analysis. These studies will help with regulatory approval of the algorithms and facilitate their adoption into clinical care. 

“We’re grateful to have been invited to join NCIMI as an industry partner. We’ve only recently launched our technology that enables any reporter to easily interpret, on any computer, medical images from X-rays to CT or MRI scans. Their mark-ups and professional opinions of the images are stored anonymously to be able to be compared amongst their peers or, in this case, with AI algorithms. This simplifies the AI validation process tremendously, as there is no need to set up a trials at multiple hospitals and engage the study readers at a local level. Through our online platform, any reader, either from the UK or anywhere in the world can provide their expertise through a web-browser.”

Dr Sarim Ather, CEO RAIQC

“The RAIQC platform is a great addition to our consortium. By virtue of it mimicking real-world practice whilst being online, it makes the whole process much more efficient. This will be beneficial to our consortium’s AI partners as it will fast-track the AI validation, which in turn will bring accurate algorithms faster to market, ultimately benefiting patients and clinicians.”

Dr Mark Beggs, COO NCIMI