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NCIMI partners one step closer to large scale AI adoption

April 29, 2021

Caristo Diagnostics and Optellum both achieve approvals globally for their AI diagnostic technologies, which is taking us one step closer to large scale AI adoption.

Caristo Diagnostics CaRi-Heart®

Working closely with the British Heart Foundation, Caristo has received CE-marking for its innovation: CaRi-Heart®️ cardiovascular risk prediction service.

It means patients in the UK and Europe can now benefit from personalised, accurate predictions of their risk of heart attack based on coronary inflammation.

The first-of-its-kind technology, CaRi-Heart® has the power to detect ‘invisible’ risk in people with possible heart disease by using routine heart scans already performed in clinical practice.

Optellum Virtual Nodule Clinic

Meanwhile, Optellum has received national press attention for its lung cancer diagnostic technology, Virtual Nodule Clinic.

Coverage on with inews and BBC South Today sets out what this could mean for the NHS and patients in the UK.

“Congratulations to our partner son these important regulatory milestones, that bring them one step closer to large scale AI adoption and being able to deploy at scale into the NHS.”

Dr Claire Bloomfield, NCIMI CEO