NCIMI impact report

March 20, 2023


NCIMI has a clear mission, to revolutionise healthcare through artificial intelligence (AI).

We were funded by Innovate UK in 2019 through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

Since then we have been:

  • Transforming healthcare through artificial intelligence and medical imaging
  • Helping to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients
  • Collaborating with hospitals, academics, patients, charities, and industry experts

Now, as NCIMI draws to a close, we’ve created an impact report to highlight the incredible transformation, collaboration, and innovation that has happened during the NCIMI programme.

NCIMI is a launchpad to improve the healthcare industry through the use of AI and generate new insights which will benefit everyone.

We collaborate to support the full pipeline of AI development – testing, training, validation and deployment. Our partners share an ethos that improvement in patient care through AI needs to be equitable, ethical and fair.

Mark Beggs, NCIMI COO