NCIMI events, speaking engagements, conferences and webinars

March 14, 2022


NCIMI is transforming healthcare through artificial intelligence and medical imaging. We’re improving diagnosis and treatment for patients, and are often asked to share our experience and expertise at conferences and events.
Below is a list of events that we’ve been invited to speak at.

British Institute of Radiology

On 18th March 2022 Dr Alex Novak will be speaking at the British Institute of Radiology “Artificial Intelligence in Practice 2022” event.


Thursday 2nd September. Professor Fergus Gleeson will be speaking at the PathLAKE conference – Benchside to bedside: the implementation of digital pathology into routine practice. He will be speaking about “The implementation of AI Radiology. Ready for the big time?” at 1500.


Friday 25th June. Dr Claire Bloomfield and Professor Richard Gilbertson from Cancer Research UK will be speaking at UKIO.  Their talk on behalf of GE Healthcare will be on Integrated Cancer Care and the role of CDH.

102 German Röntgen Congress

19th June 2021. Professor Fergus Gleeson will be speaking at 102 German Röntgen Congress about AI in Thoracic Radiology and PET-CT staging of lung cancer and beyond.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Genetic Haemochromatosis

16th June 2021. The next meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Genetic Haemochromatosis will be held by zoom. We’ll be discussing the practical steps to harness the value from health data.


15th June 2021. Professor Fergus Gleeson will be chairing at panel at UKIO debating: “Community Diagnostics Hubs will increase access and improve quality.”


2nd – 5th June 2021. Dr Claire Bloomfield will be a panelist at SPIEF ’21 – t Petersburg International Economic Forum. The panel is titled Digital Healthcare: Transparency, Efficiency, Quality.

HIMSS Digital Dialogue Series

On-demand. If you’re interested in the acceleration of AI adoption in healthcare you won’t want to miss this on-demand webinar from HIMSS and GE Healthcare. Dr Claire Bloomfield is joined by Dr Felix Nensa, Karley Yoder, and Dr Charles Alessi.

NPIC webinar

13th May 2021. NPIC are hosting an ethics in imaging webinar which is part of the AI Centres of Excellence series. Their webinar is on inclusion and transparency.

Insights from Women Leaders

On-demand. Dr Claire Bloomfield was invited to take part in the Insights From Women Leaders series by the Salus Vitae Group, which aims to empower and inspire future leaders.

Enterprise in Health

On-demand. Future Care Capital hosted a webinar called: Enterprise in Health: Who are the Innovators? Dr Claire Bloomfield was joined by Dr Josefine Magnusson and Catherine Pollard.

What is the ‘value’ of health data webinar

18th March 2021. Our ethics in imaging webinar “What is the ‘value’ of health data” is part of the AI Centres of Excellence series.

International Women’s Day

8th March 2021. GE Healthcare is hosting a 24-hour virtual event focused on celebrating women’s achievements in healthcare, uniting women to share their ideas, presenting innovations & research, and sharing how women #choosetochallenge difference experiences around the world.

British Institute of Radiology

28th January 2021. Dr Claire Bloomfield will be joining BIR for their AI in Practise event where she’ll be speaking about the steps to harness the value of healthcare data, based on our work with Future Care Capital.