International Women's Day 2022 Meet Professor Sally Collins.

International Women’s Day 2022 | Meet Professor Sally Collins

March 8, 2022

To mark International Women’s Day 2022 and Endometriosis Action Month we wanted to introduce you to some of the amazing women involved in our Endometriosis project. Say hello to Professor Sally Collins from Perspectum.

What is your job and what does it involve?

These days, I have what I think they call a ‘portfolio career’. I am a consultant obstetrician in the NHS, an associate professor at the University of Oxford and am Medical Lead for Women’s Health at Perspectum. In short, all of them involve using my clinical and research skills to try to keep women healthier throughout their reproductive lives and beyond as well as making pregnancy safer.

Can you describe your career path so far?

Wide and varied! I did not start medicine until I was 28 but found a passion for Women’s Health so went into O&G. I did my PhD at Oxford, halfway through my clinical training, and was introduced to placental imaging and AI. This led to my total fascination with the placenta, the most indispensable, disposable organ you ever had! From there I went on to develop a career as a clinical academic working in imaging of the first-trimester placenta with a view to developing a screening tool for adverse pregnancy outcomes, and in Placenta Accreta Spectrum, a potentially fatal pregnancy complication. This led to my work with Perspectum where this solid research background serves me well to work on their many and varied research projects related to Women’s Health.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The ability to combine my clinical skills with cutting edge research.

What are the greatest challenges within your role?

A woman dies somewhere in the world every 10 minutes as a direct result of pregnancy, one in 8 women in the UK will get breast cancer and it takes an average of 8 years to get a diagnosis of endometriosis – yet women’s health is often not regarded as ‘a priority’. Go figure!?!

What is your advice to women who may be inspired to follow your career path?

Go for it and do not listen to criticism from anyone you would not go to for advice. 

How will you be marking International Women’s Day 2022?

I will be sending messages to both my daughters and all their female friends telling them to ‘dream big’ because they can be anything they want to be.