Integrated Cancer Care and Intelligent Imaging at ECR

March 19, 2021


We were recently invited to discuss integrated cancer care at the European Society of Radiology 2021.

Cancer care is complex and requires an integrated approach from screening, through diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. Multi-disciplinary teams are vital to working together in integrating datasets for patients. Digital technology or Intelligent Imaging brings together all data in a centralized framework to display a patient’s pathology, the imaging and the medical records. If managed well, valuable data can accelerate and improve the entire cancer care pathway, from enhancing diagnostics and clinical support to lead to better outcomes.

The symposium

The speakers were Ben Newton, General Manager, Oncology Solutions, GE Healthcare, Dr Claire Bloomfield, CEO, NCIMI and Prof. Richard Gilbertson, Director of CRUK Cambridge Centre.

In the session they talk about:

  • how clinicians can make the biggest single difference in integrated cancer care with intelligently efficient imaging
  • Concrete examples of integrative cancer care that can help make your diagnostic center evolve for the best
  • Why intelligent imaging is the future to improve radiologist efficiency
  •  the integration of multi-omics data in unravelling tumor heterogeneity and making real-time clinical decisions for patients

You can watch the full session below.