Insights from Women Leaders event hosted by the Salus Vitae Group

April 19, 2021


Dr Claire Bloomfield was recently invited to be a guest as part of the Insights from Women Leaders series hosted by Dr Rola Kaakeh, the CEO of the Salus Vitae Group

The Insights from Women Leaders series

The Insights from Women Leaders series was launched in October of 2020 as a platinum platform to hear from women leaders with varied backgrounds and perspectives on leadership, addressing current and future challenges, what skills we need moving forward, and how their experiences have shaped their outlook. 

The goal is to learn from women thought leaders and decision-makers to empower current and future leaders, both men and women, to positively impact organisations and communities, diversity of thought, experiences, industries, education and training is important to us as it highlights the mosaic of perspectives that are represented in different settings that helps drive decision making, and positive change. 

The guests have included leaders from various prestigious and reputable institutions from across the globe, their backgrounds are diverse, their accomplishments many, and the insights and perspectives have provided have been extremely valuable. 

The recordings are all available on their YouTube channel for you to watch.