Ecosystem approach will bring AI benefits to the clinical front line

August 12, 2021


Healthcare IT News recently shared an article about GE Healthcare’s Edison™ Ecosystem.

Edison™ is an intelligence platform designed to help you achieve greater efficiency, improve patient outcomes and increase access to care. Embedded within existing workflows, Edison applications can integrate and assimilate data from disparate sources, and apply analytics or advanced algorithms to generate clinical, operational, and financial insights.

Healthcare IT News article

If hospitals are to engage fully in harnessing the power of AI for clinicians in ways that could significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of healthcare provision, they will have to reassess the way they currently procure technology.

GE Healthcare’s Edison Ecosystem approach, which embraces stakeholders and technology developers in a consumerised eCommerce model, could herald a new age of enhanced workflows and processes that give healthcare professionals more time to focus on their patients.

This approach shifts the conversation away from broad perceptions of AI as essentially a replacement for doctors, usually associated with high cost and complexity, and on to a fresh vision of innovative tools that learn from the ever-developing richness of healthcare data, and can be bought as easily as a consumer smartphone app.

“Collaboration across the ecosystem is critical to ensure that new research and innovation can have true impact- improving patient care and healthcare delivery. Supporting this type of multi-stakeholder collaboration is central to the work of NCIMI, and supporting open innovation through programmes such as the Edison Accelerator provides new ways of bringing stakeholders together for greater impact.”

Dr Claire Bloomfield, NCIMI CEO